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House/Wilson Off-Topic
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house_wilson has gotten to be such a large community, and sometimes you want to have conversations with your fellow H/W fen that aren't about the pairing/friendship itself -- perhaps its about other aspects of the show, or the characters seperately, or the actors themselves. This is that place.

A few rules:
*Don't get too personal. While you can get off topic here, this is not the place for, "i had a really bad day today and my goldfish died and i need some cheering up, plz." While I'm sorry for your goldfish, if you're posting here it means you have your own LJ. Things of this nature should really go there, instead.

*Incendiary or offensive remarks. "I think that Cameron is a skank and why would House ever want to consider her when he's got a real man like Wilson around. House/Cameron shippers are losers!!!11one!" Don't even go there.

If you have any other questions/comments, please email me at jackoweskla at livejournal dot com.